Lisbon is not a dangerous city but if anything happens you should contact the PSP (Public Security Police). The PSP agents are ready 24/7 to help you in any difficult situation, and you can find police stations near the hotel and near ESCS. However, there's a tourist police station in the city center specially prepared to help tourists: here you can find agents who have a specific preparation and seven languages are spoken - spanish, french, english, italian, german, russian and japanese. 

Tourist Police Station: 

Address: Praça dos Restauradores - Palácio Foz, 1250-187 Lisboa

Number: +351 21 342 1623

22ª Police Station located in Rato: near easyHotel 

Address: Largo do Rato, 1, 1250-185

Number: +351 21 351 3633

20ª Police Station located in Benfica: near ESCS

Address: R. André Resende 2, 1500-040 Lisboa

Number: +351 21 710 8220