João Lourenço

My name is João Maria Lourenço, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Lisbon. I have a major in Public Relations and Corporate Communication in College of Media Studies. After graduating, I spent seven and a half months travelling through South America. Last year I’ve done an internship at InovContacto in Cabo Verde.

Currently, I’m dedicating my time to explore different artistic veins such as Poetry, Painting, Theatre, Photography and Cinema while I’m studying intangible areas such as Tarot or Astrology. I’m essentially using this “break” to find myself and plan the next steps I’m going to take.

Q: How did you learn about the Project? Were you reluctant at first or did the project captivate you instantly?

A: The idea was introduced by Nuno da Silva Jorge, a teacher at College of Media Studies. It was something completely unexpected. Succinctly, it was an international Public Relations project that gathered eight teams with participants from all over the world in a “healthy” competition – the GlobCom Project.

A real client communication challenge that involved teamwork and cooperation with people from all over the world and then, cherry on top, a trip to Malaysia. Tell me, how was I going to miss this?

Today, I can only say how happy I am with the decision to participate since it was so enriching both in a personal and academic manner. The virtual teams constitute a great challenge: working around time zones and adjust to the different cultural approaches that each person had. Also, since each team member had different backgrounds, be it Marketing, Public Relations, Design or Journalism, it was interesting to see how the communication plan was being built based on different inputs.

Q: What’s something that the project gave you that you didn’t expect at first?

A: The people. I feel like my participation in this project served as a bridge between me and fellow participants, especially in the College of Media Studies. The trip to Malaysia was the climax of this relationship that cemented it as a big family.

Q: What advice would you give to current participants? 

A: I would advise no advises at all. I would say: follow what you feel, work hard on the projects that make sense for you and if you have the opportunity to discover and express yourself in a program like Globcom, do it. The main thing it is not what you do, but how present and complete you are on it. So if you want to challenge yourself, do it with your body and soul, and the most importantly, with your heart. And travel inside yourself as you have never travelled before, and find the Brave New Worlds or the Magic Mountains underneath it. Be your own advisor.