GlobCom 2019

This year, the College of Communications and Media Studies of Lisbon’s Polytechnic Institute is hosting the symposium from May 29th to June 1st in Lisbon, Portugal. After months of online collaboration to develop a global proposal, the GlobCom students have the unique opportunity to meet each other at a symposium. 

During the symposium, each team will be assigned a specialist who will assist in the creation of the final presentation. After a pre-selection, the finalist proposals are presented to the client and the winning team is chosen.  



Lisbon's Polytechnic Institute


The Lisbon’s Polytechnic Institute (IPL) was founded in 1986. Over the years, the IPL has garnered schools and colleges that belong to Lisbon’s geographical area. The combination of diverse schools with different fields of knowledge has created a unique institution that is nowadays a reference in Portugal’s higher education system.

The main objective since IPL’s foundation has been to develop a modern teaching concept combining both theory and practice with an emphasis on preparing future professionals. Nowadays IPL gathers six schools and two institutes in areas like arts, communication, health, engineering and business, each with designated I&D bodies. Also, one of IPL’s strategic objectives is to highlight internationalization and so the Institute has a vast network of exchange programs that promote international cooperation.

College of Communication and Media Studies

The College of Communication and Media Studies (ESCS) is a public college located in Benfica that belongs to Lisbon’s Polytechnic Institute. The school has a recent history but has since been at the forefront of communication and media research in Portugal. Although the initial idea was to focus on offering journalism courses, it was quickly understood that a vast offer would be more adequate. In 1989 the first scientific council was established, and this was the moment that marked the school’s foundation.

In the first year of activity the school only offered degrees in Marketing and Advertising and Public Relations. However this offer was quickly enlarged and now the school offers four main majors, four masters and three post-graduations in areas spanning from storytelling to branding and content marketing. Nowadays the school also has different ways to innovate having different centers formed by students like Bright Lisbon Agency, a junior enterprise, and E2 – its own tv program which airs every week in Portugal’s public television channel RTP.









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